Final Farewell to Actress Fenella Fielding

October 16th, 2018
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Barnes & Sons recently conducted the funeral of much loved actress Fenella Fielding, who died following a stroke aged 90. She was a prolific actress with a career spanning more than six decades, but was most famous for her ‘camp vamp’ role as Valeria in Carry on Screaming. She was the quintessential Sixties femme fatale, delivering double-entendres with lashing of false innocence.
Her co-stars were household names, including Kenneth Williams, Harry H Corbett, Ian Carmichael, Norman Wisdom, Dirk Bogarde and Tony Curtis, and despite a string of interested male admirers, she never married or had children.
She was still very much active in the industry right up to the end, with her autobiography published in 2017 taking it’s title from her most famous line in Carry on Screaming, ‘Do you mind if I smoke?’